Hi guys, how are you??..

Recently I've dyed my hair with Directions hair dye in color Neon Blue which turned out violet color with blue shade on my hair.

I love my hair!!..The color is amazing. But people seem not to like it. That makes me sad :c

Well, I'm staying with this color anyway. It is so wonderful and so "my dream color" that I can't dye any other now ^_^

Thank you for reading, have a nice holidays, it's Christmas!!.. ^w^


Outfit Post

Hi guys, what's up??.. :3

I wanted to say that I now have Lookbook account, so you can see and hype all the looks I have there.

So, today's look!!..

FAUX LEATHER JACKET - Miss Selfridge | KNITTED JUMPER - H&M | SKIRT - H&M | TIGHTS - H&M | SNOOD - New Look | BACKPACK - Pull&Bear | SHOES - H&M | NECKLACE - Local Store

Thank you for reading, bye bye ^_^


Aluminium Photography

Hi guys, what's up??..

My incredibly talanted friend photographer Alina sent me the pictures of me she'd taken that summer. Just look at them, it awesome!!..

Alina is a magician :3
aNo5LZTAN80 Q5Hej8z2hyk uQx8c49jjnU XaPvNPGwAS4 O3GeEv6Y0xE YaoJ-fmP110 bffT4LRt1ks
Thanks for reading this, bye bye ^_^


Outfit Post

Hello guys :3

Here's an outfit post
SAM_1017 SAM_1025 SAM_1022 SAM_1020 SAM_1019 SAM_1028-2 SAM_1027-2
FAUX LEATHER JACKET - Miss Selfridge | CROPPED T-SHIRT - Topshop | DISCO PANTS - Asos Petite | SHOES - Dr. Martens | BACKPACK - Pull&Bear | CHOKER NECKLACE - Diva



Hi guys!!.. :3

It's been a while since I last wrote here something. There is a reason for that. I've been to Finland recently and it's great but I haven't got time to write here.

So, anyway, my talanted friend photographer Xen sent some photos of me she did in the summer. I want to share them with you :3
3umEBmYQEXo FOZ_Duzcnnw hpTDBE8UCYU ULGFhhlh6mk ntgnHs7eXnE G_VNUUSVI2w
I actually love how they turned out because I thought we wouldn't get any good shots.

Thank you for reading and bye bye ^_^


Another Summer Outfit Post

Hi guys!!..

How is your weekend??..

I've got another post outfit from summer.
9522816393_de7b1a0471_o 9525598576_4ef41f7852_o-2 9525596072_db28bfbcac_o 9525586496_26dbba9ec4_o 9522805773_057eeae5c0_o
KNIT - H&M | SHORTS - H&M | STUDDED BACKPACK - Pull&Bear | SHOES - Topshop | SOCKS - River Island | CHOKER NECKLACE - Diva

Thanks for reading ^_^


Summer Outfit Post

Hi guys :3

This is the outfit post. Sorry some photos are blur, my friend sometimes is unable to take a good picture of the whole outfit. And excuse my serious face, I don't know what I was thinking :3
9517193887_6d9ba7048d_o 9517186313_d8bd0969c6_o
SHIRT - Bershka | SHORTS - Zara | SHOES - Topshop

That's not the best outfit post ever, I know, I decided to post some outfits from the summer when I had only an idea about having a blog and wasn't thinking about pictures quality. I promise, the next posts will be much better!!..

Thank you for reading, bye bye ^_^


Introduction (Picture Heavy Post)

Hi guys :3
I'm Asia.
SAM_1027-2 uQx8c49jjnU 3umEBmYQEXo SAM_0750 9525603876_a22db02346_o
I study languages at the university, I love photography and modeling though I'm not really great at this. I have some friends who are photographers and they shoot me sometimes
-OUHo-I4kcM -KjGqHlmvmU AQgW56Nv4vI S_vw4s9Phmk_副本_副本 toVXEod9yL0 4cDPgva4eVs IMG_8790 bffT4LRt1ks JrIlt0v99PQ XbZW893w2Ys
In this blog I will write about my daily life (maybe), post my outfits and make some reviews on different things.

Well, that's probably all that I can tell now, I always get a bit confused when I should speak about myself, feels like "Omg who am I??"

Okay, I think you'll know me better if you read my blog :3

That's all for now, bye bye ^_^