Outfit Post

Hi guys :3
SAM_0814-2 SAM_0804 SAM_0802

TOP - Primark | SKATER SKIRT - H&M | BACKPACK - Pull&Bear | HAT - H&M | SHOES - Topshop | EARRINGS - Local Store

Again, I'm wearing almost all black. I don't want, though, but it seems like I just have no other colors to wear. I'm a summer witch!!.. Oh and a sweet lady called me "Blumen" it's "flower" in German, so nice :3

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Purple Hair Is Back

Hi guys :3

I've dyed my hair purple again, I love it!!.. ^w^

Purple is my favourite color, it suits me & I look good with purple hair.

SAM_0852-3 SAM_0872

This time I mixed Directions Violet and Directions Silver.

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Red Lipsticks (picture heavy)

Hi guys :3

Today I want to tell you about my red lipsticks. I'm kinda into red even though I have thin lips.
SAM_d0723 SdAM_0728 SAMd_0733 SAM_0737
Bare lips. Oh yeah, if you are afraid of hairy nostrils you may be free :3 I like my body hair.

1. Yves Rocher Lip Gloss
SAM_0742 SAM_0727

So, the first one is a lip gloss from Yves Rocher. I'm not really sure if you still can find it in the stores. This gloss gives a bit of color and that's it. But it's a great thing if you want slightly red lips or if you want to enhance your natural lip color.

2. Givenchy Magnolia Organza 301 SAM_0747

I got this one as a present. I love the color - this lipstick is more pink than the other ones - and it also makes my lips look like they're full. It turns a bit matte after a while. One of my favourites, I use it a lot.

SAM_0745 SAM_0752
3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 720 Fire&Ice

Great lipstick, amazing color. I don't know what else to say, it's simply good.

SAM_0754 SAM_0756
4. L'Etoile - Rouge L'Etoile - 111 Tapis Rouge

This one is from a local store. I love the color, rich red, it makes me think of berries. Looks good on lips.

SAM_0761 SAM_0764
5. Rimmel - Kate Moss Lipstick - 01

I bought this one while looking for a dark red lipstick, I thought it'd be a nice one. It's not that dark as I wanted but still good. I rarely wear it, though. This color makes me look older than I am.

SAM_0771 SAM_0774
6. Sleek Matte Me in Rijoia Red

That is an amazing thing. I read a lot of good reviews on Lime Crime Velvetines and I wanted one for a really long time. Once I found a review on Sleek Matte Me and a girl said that it is a great alternative for Velvetines. The price was not that high as on Velvetines so I ordered one. I really love it.

SAM_0780 SAM_0782
7. MAC Diva Lipstick

I had already written a review on this one here
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Outfit Post

SAM_0721-3 SAM_0722-3 SAM_0720-4
Hi guys :3

I feel like Barbie in this outfit though there are only two pink things. This skirt makes me think about aliens and Ziggy Stardust, it's silver, actually. It looks kinda white here. I've bought it for my alien photoshoot, hope it'll turn out great.

TOP - Bershka | SKIRT - H&M | SHOES - Topshop | BACKPACK - Primark | FLOWER CROWN - Primark | SUNGLASSES - Forever 21

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Little things

This post is basically a mess. I'll just show you some things and details of everyday life.
SAM_0591 SAM_0594
I went to DM drogerie last week and decided to try Alverde cosmetics -- it's vegan and kinda cheap. Their Gesichtswasser (skin toner) and Tagescreme (day cream) for dry and senstive skin turned out to be great!!..
My everyday make up.
This thing shines like crazy, that's why I love it. It has shiny little pieces, i tried to catch them with my camera. In real life it looks better. You look like you've just came back from Patrick Wolf concert cause Wolfpack always wears glitter.
SAM_0652 SAM_0677
This is how I use this thing, I put it under my brows.
This is MAC Viva Glam Nicki. It's a pink matte lipstick that dries your lips out. I love the color, though.
Complete look :3

Flower crown is from Primark.

I should do something with my hair, I'm thinking about dying it violet color. It's my favourite.

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Outfit Post

Hi guys :3
SAM_0509-4 SAM_0504-4 SAM_0506-4 SAM_0519-5 SAM_0525-7 SAM_0526-5 SAM_0529-4
Trying to pose here lol.
TOP - H&M | SKIRT - Primark | SHOES - Topshop | HAT - H&M | SUNGLASSES - Forever 21 | BACKPACK - Primark | CHOKER - Claire's | NECKLACE - Local Store | RINGS - River Island, H&M

As you can see I've checked out Primark and found some great items like this skirt. I'm in love!!.. One of the best things I've ever had.

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