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This post is basically a mess. I'll just show you some things and details of everyday life.
SAM_0591 SAM_0594
I went to DM drogerie last week and decided to try Alverde cosmetics -- it's vegan and kinda cheap. Their Gesichtswasser (skin toner) and Tagescreme (day cream) for dry and senstive skin turned out to be great!!..
My everyday make up.
This thing shines like crazy, that's why I love it. It has shiny little pieces, i tried to catch them with my camera. In real life it looks better. You look like you've just came back from Patrick Wolf concert cause Wolfpack always wears glitter.
SAM_0652 SAM_0677
This is how I use this thing, I put it under my brows.
This is MAC Viva Glam Nicki. It's a pink matte lipstick that dries your lips out. I love the color, though.
Complete look :3

Flower crown is from Primark.

I should do something with my hair, I'm thinking about dying it violet color. It's my favourite.

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