Red Lipsticks (picture heavy)

Hi guys :3

Today I want to tell you about my red lipsticks. I'm kinda into red even though I have thin lips.
SAM_d0723 SdAM_0728 SAMd_0733 SAM_0737
Bare lips. Oh yeah, if you are afraid of hairy nostrils you may be free :3 I like my body hair.

1. Yves Rocher Lip Gloss
SAM_0742 SAM_0727

So, the first one is a lip gloss from Yves Rocher. I'm not really sure if you still can find it in the stores. This gloss gives a bit of color and that's it. But it's a great thing if you want slightly red lips or if you want to enhance your natural lip color.

2. Givenchy Magnolia Organza 301 SAM_0747

I got this one as a present. I love the color - this lipstick is more pink than the other ones - and it also makes my lips look like they're full. It turns a bit matte after a while. One of my favourites, I use it a lot.

SAM_0745 SAM_0752
3. Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick - 720 Fire&Ice

Great lipstick, amazing color. I don't know what else to say, it's simply good.

SAM_0754 SAM_0756
4. L'Etoile - Rouge L'Etoile - 111 Tapis Rouge

This one is from a local store. I love the color, rich red, it makes me think of berries. Looks good on lips.

SAM_0761 SAM_0764
5. Rimmel - Kate Moss Lipstick - 01

I bought this one while looking for a dark red lipstick, I thought it'd be a nice one. It's not that dark as I wanted but still good. I rarely wear it, though. This color makes me look older than I am.

SAM_0771 SAM_0774
6. Sleek Matte Me in Rijoia Red

That is an amazing thing. I read a lot of good reviews on Lime Crime Velvetines and I wanted one for a really long time. Once I found a review on Sleek Matte Me and a girl said that it is a great alternative for Velvetines. The price was not that high as on Velvetines so I ordered one. I really love it.

SAM_0780 SAM_0782
7. MAC Diva Lipstick

I had already written a review on this one here
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