Christmas & New Year

Happy 2014, guys :3

In this post I want to share pictures of how my friend and I spent the Christmas time and what I got as presents ^w^

This is my lovely friend Darinka

She's awesome, isn't she??..

This is how I looked that evening

We had a little photoshoot and it was fun.

Цell, Christmas isn't only for pictures but also for giving\getting gifts :3

So here are some amazing things I got as presents, yay!!..

This beautiful choker necklace I got from my friend Xen :3

A ring and a toy cat from Darinka :3

This cat, by the way, is made from a sock.

Givanchy lipstick from my roomie Helen

And, finally, Christmas\New Year presents from me to myself :3

Lovely rings from H&M, nail art tape\stickers from ESSENCE, LUSH Tea Tree Water and other things that weren't captured.

Oh, also Darinka brought Polaroid with her, so we took some pics. Here you can see my lovely roommate Helen.

Hope you all had great Christmas & New Year & holidays!!.. ^_^

Thank you for reading, bye bye!!.. ^w^

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